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7/27/2012 - Read our most recent article "Leveling the Playing Field in Litigation on FindLaw here.

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Where are Ex Premier Dalton McGuinty's emails? DATAssimilate offers use of PowerSearch Software to find them.


Toronto, Canada – Datassimilate Systems Inc., offers the use of PowerSearch Software, their signature legal e-discovery tool to the Ontario Government free of charge, for the purpose of determining the truth in the matter of the gas plant cancellations currently under investigation.
Datassimilate’s President Girts Jansons says: “The people of Ontario are already out $585 Million in this matter. We’re offering to defray some of the costs of resolving this issue by donating the use of our e-Discovery tool PowerSearch Software to find any and all remaining shreds of evidence in this case.
Jansons goes on to say: “Regardless of whether the deletions were intentional or not, emails are harder to get rid of than you might think. The fact that the correspondence was erased at one point in the chain doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist somewhere. Not only could it still remain in an account in the cloud, but emails may also still reside in the computer drives of those that received them, and PowerSearch Software was designed specifically for the purpose of searching and collecting from all those sources.

If any emails relevant to the Ontario gas plant cancellation still exists, PowerSearch can find them. In that regard we offer the Justice Committee our tools to discover the truth.”
About PowerSearch
PowerSearch Software ( is a division of DATAssimilate Systems Inc. and a leading developer of affordable and uncomplicated electronic search and collection technologies for records management and legal industries. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

About DATAssimilate Systems Inc.
DATAssimilate Systems Inc. is a Canadian company established in the mid 1990’s and is a leading developer of powerful software tools for the legal industry that provide scanning, coding, searching, processing, and distribution of documents and data for law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.


The PowerSearch Team

More information on PowerSearch, including the ability to download the product, is available at

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7/27/2012 FindLaw
Leveling the Playing Field in Litigation

Press Releases

6/28/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
Where are Ex Premier Dalton McGuinty's Emails.  DATAssimilate offers use of PowerSearch Software to find them.

6/20/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch on Steroids, Stand-by for Launch

6/10/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch CEO to Speak at TeDCAN on e-Discovery of Cloud Email

6/4/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Gets Local Presence Internationally

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Senator Mike Duffy, Guilty or Innocent?  It's all in the data-trail.

5/24/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
Cracking the Stone Wall - Mayor Rob Ford and verifiable facts

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E-Discovery With Mac Computers

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 Pay-As-You-Go Software to Feature at New E-Discovery Conference

1/24/2013 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Architects Announce Availability of i-TOOLS

11/19/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Announces New Tiered Offerings for the Legal Market

8/27/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
Predictive Search Analytics Available with PowerSearch Software 5.0 Release

8/15/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
451 Research Reports on PowerSearch Software

8/8/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Founder and CEO to Speak at TeDCAN

5/24/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

4/26/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Version 4.2 Released

4/10/2012 Law Technology News
PowerSearch Software and One Source Discovery Form Partnership

03/29/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Announces Enhanced Search Functionaliy and Support for all Languages

02/01/2012 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Launches Latest Version of its E-Discovery Search and Cull Product at LegalTech 2012

11/21/2011 TORONTO, Ontario
Department of Justice Canada Deploys PowerSearch Software E Discovery

10/24/2011 TORONTO, Ontario
PowerSearch Software Amps Up Sales With Launch of Partner Program

8/23/2011 ILTA 2011 CONFERENCE
PowerSearch Software Launches Version 3.0 AT ILTA 2011 Conference

Powersearch Software Launches Affordable Option for Searching and Collecting Relevant Documents for E-Discovery and Records Management

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